Matt Friesen

For nearly three decades Matt has helped educational institutions, religious groups, and community organizations articulate their vision, support their staff, serve their clients, and pursue social justice agenda in local, regional, national, and international settings.

Growing up the Pacific Northwest has left its mark (and probably a few scars) from cycling, canoeing, kayaking, camping, and hiking.  After high school Matt attended a small liberal-arts college in Kansas, graduated from seminary in Indiana, and later completed a PhD in sociology from the University of Oregon with a focus the empirical analysis of social movement networks and organizations.  His research utilized social network analysis, statistical data, and personal interviews to understand how organizations connect with each other, engage their community, and affect social change

Matt has advanced training in research design; data gathering, analysis, and interpretation; qualitative interviews and coding; survey design; multivariate regression and social network analysis.  He has program experience with PC, Mac, and Google platforms and suites, UCInet, Netdraw, R, igraph, STATA, dedoose, Blackboard, Moodle, and Zoom.

On the soft-skill side, Matt has an abundance of cross-cultural connections (Japan, Mexico, Israel & West Bank), and extensive experience with interfaith engagement, classroom teaching, workshop development, public relations, budget oversight, team leadership, professional writing, public speaking, and conflict management.


Together, these skills and experiences allow Matt to understand the most important issues facing organizations.  Tamolitch Analytics helps you leverage data to clarify your vision and achieve your goals.  Contact us to learn how to use Matt’s skills to enlarge your reach.

"The Blue Pool"

The name Tamolitch (also known as the Blue Pool) comes from the Chinook word for “bucket.” The Tamolitch pool maintains a year-round temperature of about 42 degrees, is deceptively deep, and is found nestled at the end of a two-mile, fir-lined hike in Oregon’s Cascade mountains.  Tamolitch is an upstream stop for the McKenzie River that is born from the outflow of Clear Lake created by a lava-flow 1600 years ago. If you’re up for the hike, these lakes and the nearby Sahalie and Koosah waterfalls are well worth the trip.

So why name an Analytics group after a tiny blue pool hidden the Western Oregon wilderness? Tamolitch has a great story and is ripe with metaphor. For most of the year, the pool is fed not by the McKenzie river flowing over an ancient river-bed, but under it. Its turquoise color is the result of water meandering underground through three-miles of lava-rock.

In addition to being a wonderful hiking destination largely untroubled by tourists, the image of a stream flowing through miles of jagged stones to finally bubble-up with inspiring clarity before continuing a fearless journey downriver, resonates with the work of social justice and organizational growth. Struggling for social change can be exhausting work.  Tamolitch is a reminder that sometimes the daily return to a difficult path yields surprising results.  Contact me to explore how to do this better together.


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