Tamolitch Analytics focuses on the questions you need answered to push your advocacy work forward.  Each of these services are customized based on your projects and timelines. 


There are two good places to begin (both free by the way!):

  • Schedule a 30-minute introductory session with Matt to review your work, explore your questions, and think about the sorts of information you need.  Although there may be a bit of a waiting list, please reserve a space.  I’ll be in touch to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Download and use Social Justice Meets Data Science as a resource for thinking about how you might make better use of information to invigorate your work.  The article examines the unique information needs of social advocacy organizations and provides a list of questions your organization can use to think about your data needs.


Once you have a better sense of your questions and how new information can best answer them, there are two options for next steps.  A Data Discovery Consultation provides a broad evaluation of all your information systems and a custom analysis with recommendations for changes that would most benefit your organization.  A Custom Data Consultation examines data you have on hand or collects and analyzes new data and is often utilized to prepare annual reports, support grant applications, develop new creative initiatives, or introduce new advocacy tools.


Contact me with questions or other opportunities we might consider.  Today’s social advocacy efforts require creativity and resilience.  Tamolitch Analytics supports you along the way.

Introductory Session (Free consultation)

This 30-minute call provides a great opportunity to ask questions, explore your organization’s particular needs, and consider how an analysis of existing or new data might invigorate your work.  Following this call you will receive a brief set of customized recommendations for the use of your data.

Social Justice Meets Data Science (Free resource)

Different organizations (businesses, educational institutions, etc.) all have different data needs.  Download this article to explore the unique information needs of social justice advocacy organizations, conduct a self-assessment of your information systems, and imagine new ways you could use information to expand your reach and support your cause.

Data Discovery Consultation ($449)

This consultation provides a broad examination of your organization’s use of internal and external information.  The consultation includes: an orienting call where you walk me through your current data systems and central questions, my multi-level evaluation of your organization’s use of data, a findings call where I share your data systems’ strengths and weaknesses with you and your staff, and a customized set of recommendations that would help you better use information to accomplish your organizational goals.  This is a great way to gain insight into what what might be possible before making a more significant investment.

Custom Data Consultation (negotiable)

Together we will design an analysis strategy that digs deeply into questions you need answered.  The project may include analysis of data you already have or require gathering and analyzing new information.  The consultation’s timeline will vary depending on your needs and will likely include multiple calls or site visits, refining a collection and analysis strategy, possible data collection, one or more findings reports, and visualization of findings in a format that best meets your organization’s needs.

Keynotes & Workshop Sessions (starting at $749)

Single or multi-day workshops and event keynotes energize your staff and translate foundational concepts into practical tools for social change.  Tested research and interactive learning equip participants for transformative action in their lives and organizations.  All workshops can be integrated with keynote presentations and customized to your organizational context, group size, and central challenges. Sample topics include:

  • Social Change Essentials: Keys for Developing and Maintaining Movements

  • Genuine Allies: Practical Steps in Our Workplaces and Communities

  • Sustaining your Everyday Activism

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